WhatsApp Infographic 2013 – WhatsApp vs Facebook and Twitter

by 4. November, 2013

According to TNW, world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp hits 27 billion messages in one day. But in order to understand this figure, we have to compare it with other messaging giants, such as Facebook or Twitter. WhatsApp Infographic reveals, that world’s most popular social network Facebook application “Facebook Messenger” transfers “only” 10 billion messages, compare to recording WhatsApp’s 27 billion messages daily. We can only imagine how social world would change if WhatsApp would decide to launch their own social networking platform…Infographic is based on the most recent information.

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WhatsApp Infographic 2013

  • Augustus Knight
    4. November, 2013 at 17:56

    Awesome infographic. Finally i know that it’s not all about the Twitter or Facebook.Thumbs up for sharing!

  • Whatsapper
    4. November, 2013 at 18:03

    Whatsapp is my favorite app for messaging cuz no bugs no crashes, facebook Messenger is totally crap

  • Techinfographics
    4. November, 2013 at 20:17

    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts! Numbers are huge and it’s hard to believe…But if you would count each smile or emoticon sent daily… @f443c1bd787d331b5d7fe660b0b495ba:disqus i agree with you. Facebook apps are “famous” for crashes and lack of “smoothness”, on the other hand WhatsApp is hugely criticized for rare updates. @augustusknight:disqus when i typed numbers in excel sheet while making this infographic, Twitter column was so small that I had to increase it to make it more visible 🙂

  • Naveen Kumar
    28. October, 2014 at 13:32

    Thanks for sharing your infographic here. It gives a lot of information about whatsapp. It may be very useful for a blogger like me or a researcher.

    I also share a Whatsapp infographic on my blog. Please have a look on it. http://www.f5therefresh.com/2014/10/successive-journey-of-whatsapp-with.html

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