How to Create Video Infographics in Adobe After Effects

by 9. June, 2013

Designing video infographics can be a difficult and research-intensive task.The growing popularity bubble of Instagram or Pinterest prove it; visual content and data visualization can be very entertaining. Some people find it boring to read long text, go through large amount of numbers, charts, survey results and percentages. And that is the reason why we are seeing more video infographics and 2D infographics on a variety of subjects. However sometimes infographics cab be a bit boring, overloaded with unnecessary information and missing some key elements.
Some time ago, designer Michael Jones created a great video infographics (featured at the top of this post), and posted one of the best video tutorial you can find out there. This Video created for teaching series, “Reversing Darwin”, can be perfect example how video infographics should be made. And here is video tutorial how he did it – overview and pre-production :

He also explained how to animate a floating box with masks in After Effects:

Couple of good tips and tricks how to animate text can be found in this video:

And the last one about light bulb shatter:

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