The Art of Turning Instagram Likes Into Sales

by Matej Njiri11. May, 2016

The Art of Turning Instagram Likes Into Sales

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, with high rate of engagement that just keeps growing all the time. It’s fantastic for brands and can be used in a way to connect with your customers and market your business. Of course, this social network is not for every company but still, if it’s done with the right approach it can drive you sales on a regular basis. If you have profile on Instagram with growing potential that has some engagement you can translate those follows, comments and likes into sales. It’s important to have some kind of strategy but you can also share many posts with spontaneous reaction based on what’s happening around the world. You can find what matters to you and then shape your messages around that.

Know that styling and setup is probably everything. If you have profile on Instagram it doesn’t mean you will earn any money, but having it all greatly set up is important if you want to produce any Instagram content into sales. But when we talk about style you need to have at least basic knowledge of photography. If you just know how to test some angles it can get you ahead of game. Also, if you use photos that are visually appealing, you boost up chances to transform content into sales. Instagram is not allowing clickable links in captions of image but you can drive traffic to your product pages and website with other pages that are offering exclusive posting where your content can be featured with direct buying links. When follower clicks on image she or he is being taken automatically to the purchase page of the item that is on photo.

instagram likes into sales

One of easiest ways to have source of sales on Instagram is to have strategy for customer service. Lots of times users will ask different questions about your products, or find out if the store is opened during certain hours, or even wanting an update on their order. Most of these users are searching for simple response back that will make them buy that product. Many companies are not answering questions or responding to their Instagram followers and this way they sacrifice sales. If you do answer and respond back with friendly and engaging voice customers will feel much closer to your brand.

Try to offer exclusive contests and deals. This is very good way to drive more engagement and interests of users. The psychology of buying something for bargain price is strong, no matter what platform is used for buying. You can offer exclusive sales or promo code on Instagram. I think that mix of all these tactics would work great for any company that’s in search for strategy on Instagram. Create great Instagram profile, interact with users to build up engagement rate, run various contests, experiment with campaigns,ads and with just little bit of work and effort your Instagram profile could be on it’s way to transform into great sale source for your company or business.