The Power Of Web Design

by Matej Njiri8. February, 2016

The Power Of Web Design

First impressions are very important when it comes to online world. It’s estimated that about 2-3 seconds is enough for visitors of your website to form some kind of opinion of your brand or business. So if you are planning opening website make sure to concentrate on good first impression. In terms of web design, think of it in a way of how packages are designed for buyers. People pay for a product but they are also influenced by overall design of package. You should focus on something that will help you powering your website. Logos, written content, navigational menus and primary images are among most important things to consider. If your website is designed poorly and outdated with unappealing colors it will immediately create bad impression. This doesn’t mean your website needs to be the most beautiful available online but still keep it professional.

In your head make a good scheme and have a vision how your website should look. Try to balance with colors but not too much as it should contain 2 or 3 primary colors that are nicely compound each other. And don’t make your landing page overdosed with colors as it can distract users while reading content on website. The best combination for written content is blending black text on white background, don’t do black on yellow or some other color like that because it can be really hard to read, just make sure that contrast is within range that’s appropriate. Your fonts must also be easy to read and use ones that are found on most of today’s PC’s. Graphics that you use is also power of your website, and if it’s meaningful it can visually appeal to lots of people, don’t forget to use images of high quality because they are important to online retailers.


Reputation on internet is very important in these days especially because lot of people rely on other people’s recommendations online. Your entire business can succeed through the use of internet. The cool thing is that if you maintain quality website there’s possibility it will be featured on various other sites that are collecting great pages, so there is even better chance for more customers to see you, and it will help you increase traffic drastically. People can even look at your web design as a inspiration that they will follow when creating one for them. Once you designed site effectively it will be consistent for years, so you don’t need to redo it for long time, just fixing or updating some parts. This will give you chance to focus on more important things like sales and traffic. Even if you decide to change site for a bit, by now, you will have loyal people who were there with you for long period and they will still come to your new design.

If you remember some of these tips, whatever your website is for, it will deliver results. When users can tell just with one look what you are selling or promoting you know website is successful. There are so many great advantages in owning professional web design.