The importance and significance of the logo [infographic]

by Josipa Štrok8. December, 2014

Nothing else can better symbolize your company as logo. Logo makes you stand out from the rest. Characteristic symbol, one of the most important elements of any business. Nothing can so easily and effectively establish visual contact with the public and influence the formation of the identity of your business.

Have you ever wondered how logo appeal to viewers? What kind of images are going through your head when someone mentions brands like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola? A  many people will think of a golden-yellow letter M with pronounced arches of McDonald’s symbol or a specific written font that spells out the word Coca-Cola.

In fact, when you sense any company, product or service, their logo is perhaps not the first thing you think of. But if you first show the logo, in 9 out of 10 cases, you will be able to identify a company, product or service that it designates. It is understood, of course, that you previously had contact with it.

The significance of the logo is that it consumers or clients can easily remember and associate with the company, product or service. Of course, if it is simple and effective, how it should be. Research shows that most people remember pictures better than words, and that is the secret of success of a good logo.

Below is interesting infographic about color, value & evolution of logos [The importance and significance of the logo – infographic]: