The Complete Guide to Logo Design for Startups

by Matej Njiri22. June, 2016

The Complete Guide to Logo Design for Startups

Greatly designed logo will make first impression of your company and personality of brand. This is why almost every serious business or company are very wise when using logos on their social media and other marketing fronts in campaigns of advertising. If you are the owner of small business it’s especially important to make people remember your company logo. Logo that is memorable can make your potential customers fall in love with your brand as well as build a very strong connection to it.  That is why if you look at all the big brands, you can see they are highlighting their logotype. When people are seeing ads, their primary focus is on it. If you plan to build up your small business you need to keep your eye on number of things so you can be sure to deliver right message to your future customer and audience. From symbols, colors and selection of the font, everything is almost equally important as it should complement each other to make your logo great.

Here is a little guide for you in order to help you in creating appealing logo for your business. Before you dive deep into making a logo you need to perform serious research in order to understand what audience you’re going to target. When you understand who’s your audience you will know what mixture will work best with that industry. You have to explain your future products. People are not interested in wanting to know how your services or products are working, instead of that you need to show them how it’s going to help them. Many people can make beginner mistake and that is over complicating with unnecessary things. This can be a real problem because if it looks too complex you will fail in building trust and loyalty with your audience as they will perceive it as not being worth their time. When you finally start to build it, keep in mind the alignment of it, and what can help you with that are grids. It will also help you to see how the logo will be pointed. When it comes to colors, be wise. Never use too many, rather choose few of them as you will focus viewers on a single idea on logo.

Even if you have skills in editing programs for pics like Photoshop, stop using too much effects on it. Even though we live in highly technological time, people like to see logos that are clear and minimalist. Always keep in mind that the crucial goal of logo is representing of your brand so you need to be creative in order to inspire audience. You want to be unique, so you need to come up with something tailored by your imagination that will make your logo stand out from rest of competition. Don’t use ordinary icons that are already available everywhere online. In order to stay relevant in your industry you need to make your logo relatable to business. You can do that if you find out what are the design elements that are trending now. The key is to be consistent. No matter where your logo is posted across the internet when people look at it it has to invoke almost the same feeling no matter on what platform is featured on or what type of background.

Over the time, everything changes, and so are logos too. If your business is evolving don’t be afraid to make tweaks in logo too. This can be seen as positive change that will attract even better business results. Even if you think the design is perfect it’s always a great idea to take any type of feedback. When logo is finally completed don’t forget to make sure to secure your copyright for it, so you prevent any type of violation breaching. I hope you will sink in some of these tips and create great new logo for your business, good luck!