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30. March, 2016

The Most Popular YouTube Car Chase Channels

Today, with the help of technology, filming car chase has become much more safer cause of the computer generated imagery. So, YouTube is here to satisfy all our needs and urges before Hollywood releases their latest movies. These are the channels that will deliver all the action to you.

You see it a lot in action movies. General public loves to see high speed cars chasing around, even if we don’t want to see them close to our neighbourhood. There is a growing number of people trying to run away from police in stolen cars or their vehicle, and this is due to the the rise of car industry in the last century, that has increased ownership of them. Chasing of the cars [...]

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16. December, 2015

What REALLY Happens on YouTube in 24 Hours

Although it sometimes seems that YouTube is a part of our lives since its inception, but the truth is that this social network exsists for only 10 years, and like everything else in the world it is quite evolved over the years. YouTube has since then definitely gave the world a whole new dimension of media consumption, and its figures today are really stunning. Check this out:

YouTube is now used by more than one billion people. It is estimated that YouTube in 2014 earned more than $ 4 billion. Daily YouTube records over 4 billion views. Monthly people viewing more than six billion hours of videos.

At this tremendous online video platform every minute are published as many [...]

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6. October, 2015

YouTube Evolution

When you are on YouTube watching some show, listening to your favorite songs or simply searching for some videos, do you ever wonder how it all started? Who actually invented YouTube? And how did YouTube look like before? In this article you will find a brief history or YouTube.

The Beginning


Start of YouTube

No one was actually paying a lot of attention to YouTube when it was released. At that time there was already Google Video and Blip.tv and no one expected that YouTube will become what it is today. When it was released YouTube looked simple with some nice features that users loved. YouTube was the place where Daily Show and [...]

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7. July, 2015

YouTube Video Ads – a way to Advertise in YouTube Videos

From day to day the popularity of YouTube is growing. YouTube is not just a site where you view a video or share your videos. YouTube has become the venue for advertising. Therefore, many businesses choose to advertise on YouTube. YouTube gets over 1 billion views per day, which means that if YouTube was a search engine, it would be the #2 largest, nearly 2X bigger than Bing and Yahoo search combined.

Advertising on YouTube with Video Ads

Creating YouTube Video Ads is easy and completely free. You can make it at home by yourself or hire some help for a professional look. Creating YouTube video ads is easy and completely free. You can make it at home by yourself or hire some [...]

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