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4. July, 2016

Streaming Loud And Clear- How To Boost Your Youtube Rankings

If you want to stream on YouTube, be aware that there’s a large number of different factors that will play crucial role in molding your campaign on YouTube. Whatever your idea is, and whatever you think it’s right to do for your company or brand, in the end it will all come down on your YouTube rank. If you are a marketer, and you want to engage customers, video content is one of key strategies you can pull off. People can create beautiful videos to promote their business or highly upcoming product, but they are confused when it comes to breaking through all the competition. If you invest all your hard work into the video it sure is important to make your video be [...]

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11. May, 2016

Myths About Youtube Users

Who are typical Youtube users?

Did you know that according to one study, almost one fifth of people are rather watching clips on YouTube than watching their TV channels. Another study that was done by Google, showed that 17% of Youtubers are watching TV less and 19% of them are paying less attention to it. Around 3% have totally stopped their subscribe to the premium channel cable and 1% of users don’t watch TV at all. YouTube is now counting over billion users! This is astounding number since it’s almost one third of all people who are online. Each day users are watching millions and millions of hours generating more then billion views on YouTube. Growth is [...]

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18. April, 2016

Guide To Youtube Advertising

YouTube is probably the second biggest, after Google of course. Knowing this, you have to think of including YouTube advertising in your digital strategy for marketing. There are many methods and different ways to advertise. AdWords had launched TrueView, which is accessible and effective way for users to advertise. YouTube will benefit you highly, especially if you plan to increase awareness of your brand.

There are few kinds of YouTube advertising options that you can choose. Let’s break it into 4 types. Let’s start with first one which is In-Stream. Those ads are playing during another video or after one video from YouTube partners. User can skip ads [...]

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12. April, 2016

How To Become Youtube Partner

Video streaming and blogging is very popular nowadays, and YouTube is probably one of people’s favorite sites for hosting videos. It’s true that you can make money by uploading on YouTube, but with using YouTube partnership program. You should also create or already have AdSense account when applying for partnership.

Concept of being YouTube partner looks simple. You create and publish videos and build audience around it. Then each time person clicks, views or likes video with ad on your channel you will earn some profit. It depends how much on many criteria. If you are more serious into this, and wanting to generate much more revenues you should have tens [...]

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