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26. January, 2016

How to Protect Your Identity

Every few seconds, someone’s identity is stolen. What are you doing to secure and protect your identity?

First of all, you must be very careful what to reveal online. Identity stealing is same like crime or scam that could result of loosing your data or more personal information like passwords, credit card numbers and banking information. Based on my research only in USA about 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year. For some people recovering personal data can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars ! They can even loose jobs or have their reputation damaged. Some people were even proclaimed guilty for crimes they didn’t commit at all, so they [...]

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22. December, 2015

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Company

Large companies use color to make their brand recognizable worldwide, but also to give customers the feel of quality of their products. The brand colors are of great importance. Studies have shown that as many as 80 percent of visual information that people can remember are in connection with the right colors.

When a company uses the red color it means that wants to present brand like powerful, exciting and passionate. Red branding color are using companies like Virgin, Coca-Cola and Louboutin. The green color indicates youth, health and care for the environment. With this color are associated Starbucks and Garnier.

The blue color represents trust, integrity and [...]

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1. December, 2015

Build Your Business With Google + Communities

The importance of social network involvement of every business has already been proven in many occasions. Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media can improve the performance of your business concepts on so many levels, but lets talk about Google + Communities as another asset in this endeavor. Putting aside all the prejudice about Google +, we have to give it a thumbs up for it’s sophistication and for coming in second in the world’s largest social network race. This is a feature of Google + that has been a bit overlooked until now, but undoubtedly has quite the potential. Take a look:

By creating groups under Google + Communities you support a [...]

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30. November, 2015

7 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Business Save Money

Unfortunately, there is a time in most enterpriser’s’ careers when the business starts to lose money. No way around it, facing the problems and fixing them is always the best choice. Today, there are many possibilities so you shouldn’t lose hope. Check out this list of suggestions you could use to mend leaks in your business’s plumbing.

In the first place, executives often point out waisting excessive amounts of time on meetings as a potential error in leading a company into progress. If you consider there are too many meeting held in your offices, and most importantly that they are not effective, reduce the time waisting by uploading [...]

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