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15. February, 2016

The Best WordPress Shared Hosting Providers

Let’s admit it, having website online and keeping it in shape is no easy task at all. It involves watching for marketing, design of site, social media, rich content and so on. But before you build your website you have to deal with something very important. To make sure everything runs smoothly you got to have great hosting provider that’s not going to have any issues or give you headaches. Choosing the one that’s fits best for your needs is not easy.

WordPress is amazing tool for creation of pages. It began development in 2003 as popular app for blogging. While in beginning it was platform specific for blogging, it soon became full system tool for [...]

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4. December, 2015

Top 10 Amazing WordPress Themes for 2016

Everyone knows how popular WordPress is and why so many people are using it. Themes, widgets, plugins, different admin panels and statistical features are just some of the things that make WordPress a perfect solution for making a website. One of the main problems is to pick a theme. Not just because it is very important but also because there are lots of good themes out there, both free and premium ones. So, how to pick the right one?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you. Pick some of the themes from a list of 10 amazing WordPress themes for 2016 and step into New Year with the best theme available for your site.


First theme on our list of best [...]

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2. October, 2015

Choosing Between WordPress, Drupal And Joomla

Whether you need to create a page in the form of a blog, portal or a specific purpose, the first question to ask is “What content management system to use?”. The most famous and widely distributed open source content management systems (CMS platforms) are: WordPress, Drupal And Joomla. All of them are based on PHP and MySQL and offer a wide range of options for users and developers.

However, which one to choose?

Each CMS has its own features, we would say the pros and cons. WordPress is a winner for customization and upgrades, and of course with the amount of plugins it’s leading ahead of all others. However other CMS systems are not bad too. Joomla has a [...]

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30. September, 2015

12 years of WordPress

As you probably know, WordPress is the most used and most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. Some studies say that over 22% of websites run their business with the help of this CMS. But how exactly did it appear? Who developed it? And how did the simple system for blogging turn to the most powerful CMS platform? In this article I present you the complete history of WordPress that will help you to learn everything you need to know about WordPress.

The complete WordPress history

Just like any other big thing, WordPress also started as just an idea. Idea made by Matt Mullenweg. In 2003 Matt was just a simple student with an idea to simplify his blogging with [...]

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