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3. December, 2015

Top 11 Professional Microsoft Word CV templates for 2016

Microsoft Word CV is necessity that lands jobs.Did you know that it is possible to create a perfectly good CV in a tool everyone knows how to use called Microsoft Word? And it’s not just some plain generic CV form, you see every day. No, you can create stunning templates in Word and really impress your employers. Check out this article to find out how.

Of course, you can create a CV in Word from scratch. But there’s no need for that because there are more and more finished templates out there that will save you time and probably give better results. Lots of templates are free but if you really want a professional CV then you will have to give some money for it.

Most of [...]

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24. April, 2015

MS Word Templates for Every Business

If you want your business documentation look clear and professional, we bring you the rules of written communication in business, as well as beautifully designed MS Word templates that will shorten the time when you making a particular document.

Properly written correspondence implies the transfer of information within the business world. Business communication is used in the legal and similar purposes. We bring you some tips to make your business correspondence and communications better quality to your interlocutors really understand and realize your information:

Use words that the recipient will understand: Avoid using the words from the dialect or slang (unless the [...]
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