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20. January, 2016

Successful Product Presentation With Amazing Powerpoint Templates

You can have the best product in the world but if its presentation is poor, the effort is futile. People are visual beings. Although we do not like to admit it, we judge based on looks. To our visual mind the process of creating sympathy for something is identical in terms of product presentation.

How often did you see a brochure, catalog, flyer or seen a presentation where there is very briefly explained what kind of service it offers or with blurry images of a product. Perhaps you were angry at the bad grammar and spelling, or you were disappointed with “stingy” copywriting.

It’s hard to explain to all parties that it is something crucial to attract [...]

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19. January, 2016

Does Virtual Reality Have Potential With Youth

But first, what is virtual reality ?

You will most likely never go to Mars, run 100 meters on Olympic or swim in the ocean with dolphins  or sing in front of an audience with the Elvis Presley. With virtual reality, you may have the capacity to do every one of these things—and some more—without leaving your home.  In school we all learned that we have five senses:  vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch. These are however just our most clear sense organs. Actually people have numerous larger number of senses than this.  Everything that we think about our world stops by method for our senses.

It makes sense when you are giving your senses made-up data, your [...]

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16. December, 2015

How To Build Relationships With Influencer Marketing

Marketing has always remained marketing. But its tools (instruments) has changed over time. And also adapt to changes. Including the promotion as a marketing instrument that is constantly adapt to market changes. And consumers themselves are changing. Coming of a new generation. Their habits, needs and requirements are not the same. New era is comming. People have “got sick” of TV commercials, banners and other advertising channels. Some new kids today are increasingly using social networks and YouTube for the content, and completely bypass the television and the newspapers and do not read. So it is very important to brands notice some new ways to promote their products [...]

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1. December, 2015

Build Your Business With Google + Communities

The importance of social network involvement of every business has already been proven in many occasions. Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media can improve the performance of your business concepts on so many levels, but lets talk about Google + Communities as another asset in this endeavor. Putting aside all the prejudice about Google +, we have to give it a thumbs up for it’s sophistication and for coming in second in the world’s largest social network race. This is a feature of Google + that has been a bit overlooked until now, but undoubtedly has quite the potential. Take a look:

By creating groups under Google + Communities you support a [...]

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