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16. December, 2015

What REALLY Happens on YouTube in 24 Hours

Although it sometimes seems that YouTube is a part of our lives since its inception, but the truth is that this social network exsists for only 10 years, and like everything else in the world it is quite evolved over the years. YouTube has since then definitely gave the world a whole new dimension of media consumption, and its figures today are really stunning. Check this out:

YouTube is now used by more than one billion people. It is estimated that YouTube in 2014 earned more than $ 4 billion. Daily YouTube records over 4 billion views. Monthly people viewing more than six billion hours of videos.

At this tremendous online video platform every minute are published as many [...]

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10. November, 2015

Top Threats to Mobile Security and What you Can do to Prevent Them

Mobile security is becoming more common theme in the tech world. People join various free wireless networks wherever they are, without thinking about the consequences. Also visit various internet sites of questionable safety and download applications that are not verified.

There are two ways you can install the application on your phone: from specialized marketd and other locations on the Internet. Specialized marketis can be considered as some kind of official (safe) place to download applications. This is because specialized stores scans each application before it is available to users at all. So if an application contains a virus it will not be listed on the store. Some [...]

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5. November, 2015


The Internet has become a place where at every second is transferred the vast quantity of data, which can really astound you… What happens every second on the Internet today and what is going on Reddit, with uploading pictures on Instagram, posts on Tumblr, calling on Skype, followers on twitter, new files on Dropbox, Google searches, views of videos on YouTube , Facebook “Likes”, as well as the number of sent emails?

In any given second on the Internet, the following is taking place:

10,407 tweets are being sent out through Twitter 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr 1,912 Skype calls are being [...]
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4. November, 2015

What is Open Source code?

What exactly is does open source mean? And why is it useful to use open source code and open source software? If you want to find out everything about open source then you are on the right place.

Open source code or software can be defined as a code or a program where the code is available to public and everyone can modify and change it. The code for open source programs is mostly written by some community of programmers. The main difference between a normal program and an open source one is that open source program should be free for everyone and its code should be available for everyone with the software. And then when someone downloads that program they will also get the [...]

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