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10. February, 2016

What Is Cloud Accounting?

Where are clouds, what is the cloud? Are we in clouds now? Joke aside, cloud accounting is uploading files to hosted service on the internet. This means you can access or store your data online. Cloud is just a metaphor used online. Of course you would expect this type of business is big, by the end of year 2020, it could be well worth over $270 billion dollars. Many companies are using cloud service because if you have too much computers in your work place it requires too much hardware to store all those data and files. When you are using cloud storage you can forget about dealing with all those problems regarding hardware, software, configuring, installing, testing securing [...]

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8. February, 2016

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click method is basically internet marketing model that is used by advertisers paying fees every time person clicks on their ads. You could say in a way it’s a method of buying visitors to your website instead attempting to earn them. One of most popular options of PPC is advertising through search engines. This allowing advertisers to place bids for their ads to have better placement on search engines when people are searching for specific product or entering keyword that is related to business offers of advertisers.

For example, if you are searching software, ad that is placed on top of the search engine will pop up on Google results. So each time [...]

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8. February, 2016

What is Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is really effective way to find candidates that are qualified enough for the next job, it is done through the use of social media websites since most of them are free and almost everyone is using them for showcasing their brand. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of companies are using social websites or networks for recruiting. One of most efficient and easiest ways of recruiting is posting available open jobs to social media websites and researching through large number of responders to make a best list of people that seem to fit for specific work.

LinkedIn and Facebook are very strong social recruiting tools, but LinkedIn is at the very top with [...]

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22. December, 2015

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Company

Large companies use color to make their brand recognizable worldwide, but also to give customers the feel of quality of their products. The brand colors are of great importance. Studies have shown that as many as 80 percent of visual information that people can remember are in connection with the right colors.

When a company uses the red color it means that wants to present brand like powerful, exciting and passionate. Red branding color are using companies like Virgin, Coca-Cola and Louboutin. The green color indicates youth, health and care for the environment. With this color are associated Starbucks and Garnier.

The blue color represents trust, integrity and [...]

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