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3. May, 2016

Wearable Technology for Healthcare

The sector of health is one of the most promising fields for adapting wearable technology. Wearable gadgets are starting to be widely used. According to some studies the number of wearable devices that is going to be shipped to customers is going to reach over 130 million units by 2018. It’s becoming more and more easy to understand your health and body with the help of information people can get on a daily basis through using various different gadgets. From Google glasses to various fitness bands or smart watches wearable technology is getting really adopted by consumers. What’s even more interesting, professionals in health industry are very interested in [...]

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28. April, 2016

Wearable Educational Technology

Wearable educational technology can increase ability of a child to interact with environment more naturally, at the same time being innovative and creative. Students can now get a hold on information without any obstacles. This technology will change the way we work, live and not just learn. The positive side of it is that devices are really lightweight. What will all of this mean for the teaching and the future of education? In the age of technology, in which we are today, government is constantly investing and increasing the production of wearable gadgets and indeed they are on the classroom horizon too. Just 2 years ago the market for wearable technology was estimated in [...]

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23. March, 2016

Evolution Of Smart Watch

The smart watch is a very interesting innovation which has made its way through to the commercial market with a bang. Wearable technology has become a phenomenon so widely accepted and adored that the year 2014 was named as the “Year of the Wearable” because it saw countless innovations in this section of technology.

The evolution of smart watch

Many wonder how the usual wrist watch turn into this technology influenced product aimed towards the tech savvy. When did this happen? The process had started approximately fifteen years ago, in year 1999, when Samsung introduced the world’s first watch phone – SPH – WP10. The watch came [...]

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19. February, 2015

Wearable technology – infographic

Wearable technology: The biggest technological trend of the future!

Soon, we will literally wear technology – from smart watches and glasses to the shirt with sensors that will warn us on improper practice or a bra that will help in the early detection of breast cancer.

One of the increasingly popular technology trends that could mark our near future is wearable technology, products which are a combination of garments or devices such as watches and sunglasses and electronics. Some analysts and journalists even believe that such smart devices could partly replace smart phones as a primary communication devices and believe that in a few years a large number of people, [...]

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