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6. June, 2017

Content Marketing:Why you need to focus in 2017?

With digital and social media cutting the content landscape, content marketing has turned into the center of working up brand mindfulness and an online nearness that drives business. The significance of content marketing has not gone unnoticed. At present, 73% of B2B advertisers incorporate an arrangement to work content marketing as a continuous business handle. It is not just a battle (Content Marketing Institute). The concentration of content marketing ventures have moved from quite recently content creation to content advancement. It’s a blend of these both that at last decides the achievement of content endeavors.

What is content [...]

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17. April, 2017

Why Content Marketing Is Important For Small Businesses

Content marketing in the past for small businesses,  would mean that you have to approach marketing in a much different fashion than larger companies, but with the internet connecting everyone and everything, the line has become blurred. The small local restaurant is followed on social media and rated and reviewed online, just like the national chain. Likewise, to get organic success, small businesses need to include content marketing in their strategy just like everyone else.



What Is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is the process of using online content (blogs, articles, videos, infographics, social media posts etc), to get [...]

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24. May, 2016

Awesome Methods To Create Engaging Visual Content

Creating great and engaging visual content is not just for creative people. Some of us can think that we are not trained enough to do awesome things. Journalists, creators of content or marketers all feel and think that this is the designers domain so they skip that area. But in reality, people know that visual content is best for communicating with readers even though lots of us are feeling more comfortable using words than images. With such a variety awesome apps and tools available, I think that anyone is capable of creating stunning visual content that will drive action and catch someones attention, even if they are born without a single creative body inside. If you have [...]

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18. April, 2016

Mind Blowing Stats About Infographics And Visual Content

Infographics are super effective tools and people are looking for them like crazy. In the last 2 years, in terms of searches there was astounding 800% increase for them. So why are infographics important that much? There was an interesting study done by Wharton School of Business. Audience was shown 2 presentations, one of them had visual imagery and the other did not. 67% of audience was more affected by first presentation, compared to the other one which affected 50% of audience. People are 30 times more likely to read infographics then just article with lots of text. When people read something they only remember 20% of it, compared with 80% of what they do and see. Did you [...]

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