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8. June, 2014

Infographic of Latest Social Media Facts and Statistics 2014

Demand for Social Media statistics is really high. Each year popular online newspapers, magazines and blogs are publishing hundreds of infographics about social media. Most of these social media infographics contains numbers and statistics.We looked around the web and collected latest statistics from various online blogs, magazines and newspapers. Each publication is quoted and quotation source is shown at the end of the quote:

10 Useful Social Networking Statistics for 2014

Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%) among Internet users.

Women are four times more likely to be Pinterest users than men.

Facebook is ageing. 45% of Internet users [...]

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7. December, 2013

Social Media Infographic 2014 – Trends and Statistics

Social Media Infographic 2014

2014 are less than 1 month away. Today we are publishing our first Social Media Infographic of 2014. We can assure that many more infographics will be posted in coming 2014. We tried to focus on the new,”fresh” and trending social networks. We strongly believe, that these networks will grow even more within coming years. As we can see from Social Media Infographic 2014, most of the new and trending networks are mobile based. Internet and apps usage via smartphones is growing extremely fast. More and more mobile applications are available on mobile or tablet devices only. We can easily predict mobile application high growth within coming 2014 [...]

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1. December, 2013

Vine Infographic – List of 10 Infographics about Vine Social Network

Vine Infographic

Vine is a video app that lets you create short six seconds videos. More and more companies and brands recognize Vine as a strong marketing tool. Long videos take too much space, which makes it difficult to share via social media. With Vine is easy to record and share.In total, the video only lasts 6 seconds, and then plays back in a loop. Infographic is the best way to represent data in a visual way. Therefore we did collect 10 Vine Infographics, which explains and shows all facts about Vine.

Vine vs Instagram Infographic

What is Vine? Infographic

Mobile facts – Vine vs Instagram Infographic

Facts and statistics Vine [...]
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