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29. January, 2016

Is A Video Game Design Career For You?

Designing video games is one of most competitive and exciting careers in the world. Based on my research, game design is becoming the fastest growing career in America, it is estimated that video game design will sky rocket for 30 % this decade. There are 3 mayor genres of game design careers: game designer, game artist or game programmer.

Lets talk about being game designer specifically. If you have a certificate in game design it would help you in getting a job. I think if given a change, large portion of people would immediately jump into possibility of this job and become member of gaming industry. Your primary goal would be creating video games that would make [...]

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26. November, 2015

Make Your Own Infographic Video

In the last few years is evident a big popularity of using infographics to explain the properties of a product or a service. No unnecessary reading monotonous text explanations, the lovable and playful way through the graphical elements, symbols, facts and data, infographics can clearly and effectively explain the complex features of a product, service or an innovative idea.

Today it is in the form of infographic video. When the static elements of infographics animate one in combination with sound and voice, texts, images and data created by a liquid story that your research and hard work on this issue turns into a visually appealing and interesting video [...]

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20. November, 2015

The 2015 Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

Internet goes mobile, 25% of all YouTube views happens on mobile devices. Cell Phones and tablets are OK for text, but read long blogs on a smartphone can be irritating. In contrast, the video has become an ideal way to share interesting content.

If you have not done it yet, it is time to create a YouTube channel for your business. In the 2015 video marketing is a very important component in the development of links and promotion of the brand. And in 2016 will be even more important. The advantage of video is in his personality and uniqueness. Unlike text, where it is necessary to write a few blogs to gain the personality of the writer, by the video it is currently [...]

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18. November, 2015

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has become increasingly popular because it allows brands and companies to engage with customers in a more personal way. Videos are able to capture a viewer’s attention more than simple images, which give you the opportunity to better communicate your message.  In this article we’ll present significant scats on video marketing and the potential impact it can have on the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Why video marketing?By creating interesting or useful video, you gain trust and increase interaction The video is interesting to look at, especially if the topic is “how to do something.” The viewer can see the benefits of [...]
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