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8. June, 2016

Benefits Of Online Video Tutoring

Videos are already very important part of today’s education system. Video tutoring can help students with preparations for test and questions from homework. Some of students are even creating their tutorial videos for others. There are many students who could be falling behind their courses in school so in order to catch up they start to look up for tutorials on videos online. What really makes tutorial in video form powerful is capturing the voice essence of that student who is talking to other students. Video tutoring is a great way to learn if you are unable to do it in a more traditional settings. Students can even have live interaction studying over apps like [...]

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14. April, 2016

How To Best Use Video On Each Social Network

Is your opinion that video as content for social marketing is only for those with big budgets and big brands? Think again. If you still didn’t explore videos for your business you are missing big opportunity to reach more conversion. Adding videos to your social media platform mix is great idea to increase engagement and boost your awareness. Social networks are providing people with many options. Be it from Facebook, Vines, Instagram or any other social platform, video is becoming key part of marketing strategy for every business. You may think only about YouTube, when someone mentions you video, but it’s not the only platform that is embracing content of videos. [...]

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18. February, 2016

The Rise Of Video Conferencing

With the coming of new technology, video conferencing is always rising. Operating through video conferences can keep connected both employees, and managers. They can deliver progress of company, some of the precisely instructions if needed, and it’s very effective way of communicating. Recent studies that included more then 1000 business people in over 120 countries shown that method of video conferencing is the third one as one of the best options company can use for communication. Many of people that were interviewed said they are positively assured that in the near future, video conferencing will become first and most important method of communication in business [...]

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11. February, 2016

History Of Online Video

Over the last few years, internet has changed so much, days without typing ”www” in your web browsers seems forgotten long time ago. Today many kids can’t imagine their daily lives without accessing internet or having some piece of technology. Probably the biggest change that happened online was emerging of video streaming through internet. Years before, online video was thought of something that’s for nerds, but now you can see almost all families surfing through videos in their living room on their PC or laptops. Online video streaming is changing constantly, with around 69% of home users downloading or streaming videos.

First streamed video [...]

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