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15. April, 2015

Mobile app or Web app?

The most important issue of mobile strategy of a company is to make a mobile app or web app? Some companies really do not need a mobile app (iOS or Android) but they need to make their website easy readable on small screens of mobile devices. But if your website have a good attendance of mobile users, there is another question: Do you need a mobile app? The answer to that question today is quite different from what will probably be in the future.

Present: Mobile Application

Currently, it is not necessary to think too much, make the application for mobile platforms. Research conducted by usability guru Jakob Nielsen shows clearly that users can quickly and easily manage with [...]

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14. April, 2015

Interesting Video Infographic About Millennials

Generation Y refers to the population group in the United States who was born around 1976 to about 2000. They are sometimes known as the echo boomers because some of them are children of the “baby boomers”. On the other hand, some Generation Y children, especially those born in the late 80’s or thereafter, shall be deemed to be grandchildren of the “baby boomers”. Other names for this group are the Millennials, the Internet Generation, and the abbreviated name is Gen Y.

When we talking about this generation should be noted that these are young people who may come to work in flip-flops, sneakers, with the latest iPhone.

This is a generation [...]

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7. April, 2014

“Show me something” Video Infographic – How Video Powers Engagement?

“Show Me Something” An Infographic Exploration of Video Engagement, April 2014 from Shutterstock on Vimeo.

Based on statistics from comScore’s Video Metrix product, Shutterstock recently produced the above video infographic “Show Me Something,” an infographic exploration of online video engagement.

Some of comScore’s most compelling infographic statistics include:

Sixty-one percent of Americans watched an average of 397 online videos in the month of January, 2014. Thirty-six percent of those videos were advertisements. Videos watched via mobile were one in six in 2013, up from one in 12 in 2012. Shutterstock produced the clip in collaboration [...]

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17. December, 2013

Online Video Infographic 2013 – Numbers and Statistics

Online Video Infographic – Facts and Numbers

Couple months ago we have released infographic video answering simple question – why your business should use video or video infographic to promote products or services? If you have seen it, but until now you are not sure if video is essential tool to promote products and services, i would highly recommend to have a better look at this Online Video infographic. As infographic shows by 2016 , online video users number expected to be double – 1,5 billion…Infographic reveals that, online video drives up to 50% of mobile traffic to your online presence and showing no signs to slow down. 52% of consumers admitted, that [...]

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