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1. May, 2017

Best Selling Video Game Consoles and Their Evolutions

Video game consoles have come a long way from back in the day. The consoles that were most popular about ten years ago are now obsolete and have newer models that are to die for. Video games are no longer considered as small kids’ games only. Now there are adults who live their lives as professional competitive gamers and it helps to pay their bills and support their lifestyles. Why then wouldn’t you also want to have the freedom to indulge in a game once in a while? Even better, you can take a trip down memory lane with the game consoles and video games that were there decades ago. The evolution has come a long way.

So, which were some of the most popular consoles of all [...]

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26. May, 2016

What Type Of Gamer Are You

Over last years, the world of gaming has seen dramatic changes, almost beyond recognition. What used to be just a hobby in someone’s bedroom it’s now professional job of a worldwide community. There are all kinds of different genres and games being embraced creating environment that is perfect to compete and play with. People who are playing online games are competing with others from every corner of the world, both through experience and skill. Video gaming is separated on many categories, for example : RPG, sports games, action, simulation or strategy but there are very few individuals who are enjoying everything. It is true that out from all this different [...]

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28. January, 2015

Video Games Statistics – infographic

6 prejudices about video games

Although, it’s very unlikely that you will hear any of these prejudices pronounced by someone who likes to play games, we wrote an article withsome arguments that could once and for all put to an end the prejudices which are since ancient times associated with video games.

1. Video games and violence

Stories about “the guy who, after two days of playing FPS’s in dug eyes members of his family”, or “monster who killed the whole school with machine gun after playing the evil war games” we have heard enough times that they already begin to be ignored. Well, these two examples are actually fictional, but similar [...]

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