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6. July, 2016

Amazing Tumblr Themes for Download

You surely have already heard of Tumblr, but if you are not sure how it works and why to use it, this article is for you. You will find out what is Tumblr, who use it most, when and how it arose and of course – how much it pays to use Tumblr for marketing?

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is microblogging service which was launched in early 2007 by David Karp and Marco Arment who left the company in 2010 to focus on the development of Instapaper. Three years after, precisely 2013. Yahoo! has allocated substantial figure of 1.1 billion dollars for the social network.

It is not wrong because Tumblr today among other counts 246.6 million blogs, 99 billion posts and 420 million [...]

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20. April, 2016

How To Use Tumblr For Marketing

I suppose you’ve heard about Tumblr platform already, unless you’ve been sleeping under rock. If you haven’t done it by now, you should seriously consider adding it to your marketing strategy. The truth is that there are many social media pages so it’s easy to overlook ones that can be important to you and your business. Tumblr is one of platforms that has big potential for marketing and SEO.

So why should you care about Tumblr at all?

First of all, there are 300 million unique visitors each month, according to Yahoo. It is also 28th site when it comes to traffic and 50% of users are being under age of 25. More then half of visitors are females [...]

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21. May, 2015

TOP 10 Best Tumblr Themes For Summer 2015

Tumblr – blog with elements of social network

Tumblr is a web service that allows you to write online diary (blog) with elements that are used in social networks. Ordinary Internet diaries (blogs) are common sites with already built-in system for writing news (one of the best and most popular system in use is WordPress). Tumblr is much more than that because in addition to writing simple texts, quotations, placing pictures, music and video content, allows you simply monitoring and cooperation with other blogs on Tumblr (the official name for these blogs are thumblogs) while remaining very easy to use.

You do not know whether Tumblr is for you? You probably already have a [...]

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