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1. February, 2016

Cool WhatsApp Tricks & Tips

WhatsApp is probably one of the best messaging apps developed for iOS & Android. In 2014, the media went nuts after Facebook completed the deal of buying WhatsApp for astonishing $19 billion dollars. WhatApp is one of most popular messaging apps that enables you to send videos, pictures, text messages or even call your friend with WiFi connection. WhatApp works free and without adverts. Setting up is very simple. You download it and once the app is installed on your system you will be required to enter your phone number for verification of the user, it needs your phone number because it works in similar way as SMS system, routing messages and other data between you and other [...]

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14. January, 2016

Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss

Whilst it’s likely that many of us may know the basics around using Excel, there are some tips and tricks out there that may have passed us by.

Adam Maidment
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30. September, 2015

11 essential tricks for great blog post

If you know how to write well then you should try to earn something with it. But how? Well, open your own website where you will write, your personal blog. You probably heard about blogs so I don’t have to explain that term to you a lot. If you already have something to write about then just go ahead and start writing. But if you don’t know the rules of blog post and how to make it good then don’t even bother writing before you learn more about that rules. And in case you want to start writing something but you don’t know what then you need an idea. There are lots of themes for blog post and you should pick the one you like, the one you should enjoy writing about. Pick some post [...]

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