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2. May, 2016

Top e-Learning Trends in 2016

If there is one thing that is for sure, it’s the rise of e-learning. Today we see how every month there are some new online options for learning while traditional classroom environments are slowly incorporating new technologies in their system. Even though there is no guarantee for what future is holding, we can take a closer look and see what new things are around the corner when it comes to the industry of e-learning.

First big trend is automation. Many educational experts are predicting that this year automation will be one of key aspects of both processing and creation. This means that providers of content will be using number of solutions in automated way [...]

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8. March, 2016

Web Design Trends: What’s In And Out In 2016

Trends exist everywhere. In mobile industry, in fashion, in cars industry and in web design too. For example, one year large mobile phones will be in trend and the other year people will laugh at you if you have one like that because small phones are popular that year. The same thing stands for web design too. One year detailed mega menus will be popular and the next year everyone will go for minimalistic menus. That’s the way it goes. The trends in web design changed a lot this year so it’s important to stay up-to-date. To know what’s good to use this year check out the rest of this article.

The IN’S

First we’ll start with what’s good. When you start doing some web design [...]

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25. February, 2016

2016 Mobile App Development Trends

Can people in today’s world even imagine a day without their phones? Probably not. Our smartphones has become one of most important accessories in life, and people usually don’t forget to bring it with them. With new apps created constantly it’s becoming more then just a mobile device. There are apps for anything you wish for be it for ordering food, hiring cab, watching TV shows and much, much more. Mobile application industry is growing all the time. Profit earnings from applications are estimated to grow to almost $77 billion dollars in year 2017. There were many changes in how people are using apps. So if you plan to create app and place it on market [...]

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17. February, 2016

2016 Tech Trends

The world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, known by the acronym CES, is an excellent measure of what we can expect this year in various tech segments. At this year’s show in Las Vegas could be seen a huge improvement in the areas of robotics, drones, 3D printer, self driving vehicles and much more.

According to various booths at the fair, is not difficult to judge what was coming for consumers – not only in the field of home electronics, but also on a professional level. The development of the presented equipment brought us one step closer to an automated future, given that all these devices are becoming smarter and easier to [...]

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