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18. December, 2015

Designing Tools For Graphic Designers

Same as in any other line of work, a career in the graphic design industry presupposes certain skills and abilities. There must be some existent talent in the visual arts. Other important requirements are creativity and mastering new designing tools. No doubt about it, graphic design is an exciting profession, constantly having to evolve and stay up to date with new technologies and creative trends.

It is not easy to be a designer. Not only they have to understand the design, fonts, information structure, the psychology of many other disciplines, but they must take care of a lot of details, which makes their work time too demanding, requires dozens of tools, a certain level of [...]

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10. December, 2015

21 Must Have Social Media Tools Every Marketer Needs

Social networks have been for several years the most effective way to acquire new customers – generate clicks and create visibility, and that is what every entrepreneur wants today as a first and essential step towards success. While it is relatively easy to lead one or two user accounts of your client (not necessarily), but what occurs when a quality community manager take three, four or more clients who demand to keep Facebook and Twitter? And Instagram. And Google+. And LinkedIn. And Tumblr. And Pinterest. Maybe you got the main idea where we’re going.  The Internet is loaded with a variety of social media tools that can facilitate the work and add many values that [...]

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9. November, 2015

Data Visualization Tools For Data scientists & analysts

For years we hear stories about the vast amount of information that will overwhelm us when it comes to life next generation. We hear about how this information should be faster and more qualitative analyzed in order to understand them and pulled them out of a variety of insights on the basis of which we will realize a life or business opportunity. However, we must ask what is in the data, regardless of their amount, essentially, or at least, new? How can we find out?

Data analysis in business is performed by some software for business intelligence, and these are tools that require a lot of knowledge of the information technology. However, if you are in the position of a man [...]

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5. November, 2015

Encryption 101 – tools, algorithms and history

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the safety of data? Most of the people think about antivirus programs. But even the most powerful antivirus programs can’t protect your files. They just keep them safe from viruses, but what about the protection of data in them? That’s when you should use encryption.

So, let’s start as usual, by defining the encryption. To encrypt something means to transform it into some form of text that only people with the key them can read it. If someone has the key then he can decrypt that text and read the original form of it. Encryption of some important data dates a long way back in history when people, especially [...]

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