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9. February, 2016

Tips For Successful Visual Branding

Visual branding is so important as it defines how people make perception of you or your company. If you own website or business, you want your representation of visual brand to play key role in development. It has to speak same language just as your videos, text, audio or anything else. Marketing world is essentially very visual. So when you look at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you can realize that they are mostly focused on visual content, and this is what makes them most growing and famous social media networks. When you consider making good visual brand every detail plays big part of it. It can be your cover or profile photo, social posts or something [...]

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1. February, 2016

Cool WhatsApp Tricks & Tips

WhatsApp is probably one of the best messaging apps developed for iOS & Android. In 2014, the media went nuts after Facebook completed the deal of buying WhatsApp for astonishing $19 billion dollars. WhatApp is one of most popular messaging apps that enables you to send videos, pictures, text messages or even call your friend with WiFi connection. WhatApp works free and without adverts. Setting up is very simple. You download it and once the app is installed on your system you will be required to enter your phone number for verification of the user, it needs your phone number because it works in similar way as SMS system, routing messages and other data between you and other [...]

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19. January, 2016

16 Most Useful Search Engine Optimization Tips

In this article we’ll provide you a few tips to make your website search engine optimization safe and according to Google rules. By now you’ve probably already encountered several times on blogs and sites that provide various SEO tips. Although Google seems a bit confusing and hard to understand sometimes, we will show you some tricks that we believe will never be obsolete. Google is increasingly began to build his own algorithm because of which many websites lost turnover and were penalized overnight, so to avoid this scenario you should respect some of golden rules that should always be used.

One thing is very important to keep in mind, and that is that Google [...]

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14. January, 2016

Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss

Whilst it’s likely that many of us may know the basics around using Excel, there are some tips and tricks out there that may have passed us by.

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