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31. March, 2016

Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Are you tired of charging your phone every night? Even in this age of technology, it’s hard to go 24 hours with phone without charging it. Innovation for better lasting smartphone battery just hasn’t yet arrived. You will never succeed in having a full week without charging phone because of all those features like GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi along with bright screens. Today, there are many USB portable power banks, and you can use them to charge the smartphone on the go. So, without spare battery or charger you will have to reduce the battery consumption.

Tips on how to make smartphone battery last longer

I know that you love your colorful and big display, but this is [...]

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24. March, 2016

Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content

Researches has showed that, if you want to make profit and get noticed, addictive website content is your priority number one. You might wonder why is it so important to optimize content you are publishing? Well, if you think you don’t have any reason, lets put it this way. 50% of all content that is being published is never really read. Yes, you read that right. So the content amount is really massive. Just read what is happening every minute in the world as your read this text. 140 posts on new blogs are posted, almost 300,000 tweets have been sent, around 216,000 pictures have been posted on Instagram, 204,000,000 messages are sent and almost 2,500,000 parts of [...]

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14. March, 2016

Habits That Will Help You Maintain Your Creativity

If I could sum up creativity in few words, it would be that it’s about individuals ability to see patterns and associations where others can’t. When you come up with something others didn’t thought of, you’re being innovative. Being creative is something as a way of life. Someone who has a negative mind for 24 hours a day can’t expect to explode with ideas and solutions. The way we live today and our pressuring environment is sometimes making all of us run out of creativity. But for once in a while, it’s good to have be optimistic, because having positive outlook can be the key to bring you back in action. I would like to put a quote [...]

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9. February, 2016

Tips For Successful Visual Branding

Visual branding is so important as it defines how people make perception of you or your company. If you own website or business, you want your representation of visual brand to play key role in development. It has to speak same language just as your videos, text, audio or anything else. Marketing world is essentially very visual. So when you look at Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, you can realize that they are mostly focused on visual content, and this is what makes them most growing and famous social media networks. When you consider making good visual brand every detail plays big part of it. It can be your cover or profile photo, social posts or something [...]

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