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2. June, 2016

Ways To Get A Startup Business Loan

Sadly, if you are a startup, usually banks will not approve you loan for the business but there are ways that you can use in order to finance yourself. So what can you do? You can fund your startup with your account of retirement. It costs around $5,000 thousand dollars and then you pay $1,500 dollars each year. You can also use credit cards as they are one of biggest sources for business owner financing, and more then 65% businesses are using them frequently. It’s very popular approach but still you should research this and see if the option is right for you.

You can also ask your family or friends to help you with borrowing some money so you can finance [...]

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17. May, 2016

How To Start An Online Business In 4 Steps

If you want to take over your destiny but don’t have enough starting profit for opening real storefront, maybe it’s time that you consider starting some kind of online¬†business. When you have an online store you can reach to much wider audience of customers then waiting someone to wander in, and also what’s even better is that you are not required to pay any money for the retail space. But, like with everything in business, you need a good marketing plan and excellent product.

So what steps are important in order to succeed setting up your online business?

First you need to define what is your service or product. As you start online you will have the [...]

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17. May, 2016

Tactics for Finding New Customers Online

You should always be on a search for new clients, but that doesn’t have to mean you will also find them. If your business is relying on only small number of customers you can be left vulnerable. If you loose just one of them it could mean crisis of cash flow. If you try to be consistent when it comes to new customers and success in obtaining them, you are reducing failure risk and your business will keep on growing in sustainable way. But how can you boost up the numbers of your sales? You need to figure out who is your audience and know exactly to who you’re trying to sell something in the first place. I suppose you probably already have a perfect vision in your [...]

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16. May, 2016

20 Reasons Why Startups Fail

It is true that almost 90% of startups end up failing. There are few mayor reasons why this happens. One of the biggest reason why companies end up, is that they run in a problem where there isn’t enough reason or value in product to convince someone to complete the purchase. Also, the timing could be wrong for marketing certain products. You could even be ahead of the market for few years and customers are not ready for the given solution at that point. ¬†Sometimes the cost of acquiring someone can be more higher then the amount of value you can get for having that customer for life time. It’s blatantly obvious that you need to attract customers for much less [...]

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