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3. May, 2016

The history of Microsoft Windows

The most popular and widely used operating system in the world is Microsoft Windows. There have been various versions which users have relentlessly used through the decades. The popularity and success of this user friendly and widely available operating system did not appear out of thin air. Rather, it is a product of several years’ hard work, long term efforts at maintaining and improving quality, and most important of all, appeasing of the customers. This post will discuss the history of Microsoft Windows – how it started out to become what it is today. First take a look at infographic below:

The story starts in 1985 when Windows was released [...]

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11. April, 2016

The History Of Video Game Animation (1958-2011)

Video games have come a really long way since its beginnings all the way back to the days of Pong. Video games are not looking just like some pixels you see on the screen, but more as pieces of art that require years of development to create. Most of video games today have detailed characters with rich story. Technology is really pushing the limits when it comes to video games, they are starting to look like a movies. Graphics are being rendered in real time. 15 years ago this could not be possible at all. What’s really impressive to see in games is the actual animation or if you want, forms of movements. 10 years ago movements in video games were too much rigid and for [...]

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15. March, 2016

How Bill Gates Started The Life Of Microsoft’s Founder

He is known to be rich, the owner of Microsoft, and that is a philanthropist. But there’s more! Most people about Bill Gates know three things: that he is the richest man in the world, he is a co-founder of Microsoft and one of the most generous philanthropists. However, there are some other things that are very little known. Below you can check out the 11 things about Gates which probably you did not know:

Josipa Štrokhttp://www.efortis.net/
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4. March, 2016

Content Marketing And SEO Timeline Of Key Events

There’s always bit of a confusion when it comes to subject of SEO and content marketing. The questions are, how they fit together? Well, basically content marketing is all about SEO and vice versa. It’s not without reason that there’s lot of talking about SEO in world of content marketing. Picture SEO as ketchup and content marketing as sandwich. The truth is both of them are going together overlapping and blending. People are wondering why they need to include SEO in their content marketing. But SEO is about lots of content. SEO touches and enhances everything. You can’t think doing great SEO without content, because it’s absolutely essential to [...]

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