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27. November, 2015

19 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook

You think you know all about Facebook? Well, there is always something new with wich this social media giant may surprise you! See below:

1. Teach your friends on Facebook how to pronounce your name

On your profile in the “About” section select “Detail About You” and under “Name pronunciation” click on “How do you say your name?”

2. Disable “Seen” in facebook messenger

Sometimes “seen” in messages can bring us in an unpleasant situation, but also gives us the obligation to respond to the message, although perhaps we are not in the mood for it.

To avoid download the [...]

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15. October, 2015

26 Things to Note Before Creating a Website

Creating a Website without a plan is like building a house without the project. Regardless of whether you create a page by yourself or you will hire the professional web designers, by advanced planning of website, you can avoid the omission of some important elements or functionality of page, and thus additional costs or other inconveniences.

Planning website in sufficient time is as important as planning everything else in the business world, but many neglect it. Carefully planning of website is a great investment and will improve your chances of making a website that will serve you well for a long time.

Planning is the first and most important phase. Planning the [...]

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5. October, 2015

Guide To Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is a concept that is increasingly heard in everyday communication and it is a concept that is slowly becoming mainstream, and will probably soon become a part of everyday life.

It is difficult to give a precise definition. We could say that this is a kind of technological revolution which is the future of computing and communications, and its development depends on technical innovations in a number of important areas from wireless to nanotechnology.

Internet of Things is simply, the name of the small, network attached devices that come with a variety of sensors to collect data and analyzing it. Today we have a much examples of these devices, eg. In [...]

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1. September, 2015

What Exactly Is The Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a phrase that we hear a lot in recent time, but what is it really? Infographic below will try to introduce the somewhat misleading term a meaning and explain what the “Internet of things” is, what it consists of and what is it’s use.

With the increase of wearable technologies like Google Glass and miscellaneous Smartwatches and fitness trackers, the term “Internet of things” has entered to the mainstream dictionaries. The term refers to a variety of devices that can communicate and share data among themselves, how devices work with each other and ultimately make our lives easier.

Cars and other vehicles, kitchen [...]

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