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22. January, 2016

Trends That Will Change The Way We Work in 2016

The way we work has changed through years, the technology we use is more developed and corporate culture is different. Employers are becoming more aware and take more care about their employees, because if an employee is happy and satisfied, he will work better and more efficiently. With innovation turning out to be more better each year, here are the top 10 trends that will change the way we work in 2016:

Remote Working

Remote working normally depends on a web company, PC, and telephone to perform certain tasks far from the workplace. People that work these types of jobs are called telecommuters, whether they are representatives, temporary workers or business [...]

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11. January, 2016

8 Web Design Trends That Are Bound to Be Huge in 2016

Web design is a very rapidly changing and trends come and go very quickly. We are still working with some of these trends today, flat design, performance and speed, improving user experience and so… However, what are the web design trends we can expect in 2016?

More experimentation with menus

More and more web designs resulting with the so-called “hidden menu”, more often you will encounter a website where menus will not be visible immediately on top of the web page. The newest trend in web design are menus that open by pressing the menu button on the left or the right or by clicking on the one of the elements on website.

Scrolling or not

There are [...]

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28. December, 2015

Apps that changed the world

Do you ever catch yourself wondering about how and when some app you are using was created? Since mobile technology is growing every day it is normal that there are some apps that are used every day by lots of people. But how were they created? In this article I will present 14 apps that changed the world. When you read something about these apps you will surely realize that there are lots of similar apps out there, maybe even better than this ones. But these apps are surely one of the best and the main point here is that these apps I listed below were one of the first apps in mentioned category. So, let’s start!

Dining – GrubHub & Seamless

There are lots of people who [...]

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16. November, 2015

5 Hobbies That Can Make You Smarter

Hobbies can represent a form of entertainment, but also a source of new knowledge and according to the latest research, it can make us smarter. If among members of your hobbies are those that “force” you to gain some new skills or knowledge, then you have a good chance to become smarter while having fun. It is scientifically proven that skills acquisition creates new nerve synapses, which make the brain run faster and better.

There was a thought for a long time that we are born with a certain level of intelligence, and that we can’t do anything to change that. Scientists have proven that we can increase our potential and also enjoy in that process. It is now [...]

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