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10. November, 2014

Technology Infographics

You have a problem with the visualization of large amounts of data? Have you ever heard of the infographic? A lot of people for a term infographics never heard of, but what is interesting is that we are surrounded daily infographics. We can and find almost everywhere – in traffic, forecast maps, public institutions and the like.

Infographics are graphic representations of information, data or knowledge intended for rapid and clear presentation of complex information. The process of creating infographics can be called data visualization, information design and information architecture. Their purpose is to interested readers and in a clear, attractive and interesting way [...]

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3. April, 2014

Wearable Technology Infographic 2014 – Facts and Statistics

Mobile and smartphones revolution is going to the end and we are watching the rise of even bigger tech revolution.The next big thing in technology world – wearable devices.According to the research done by ihs.com , it is expected that wearable devices market in the coming years by 2018 will grow $50-60 billion in revenue. If we talk about wearable devices, most people mainly think of Google Glass and smart watches, such as the Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear or officially not yet announced Apple iWatch. But there are many other forms of wearable devices. Wearable devices has a enormous potential and slowly are becoming dominant type of technology in sports, fitness, healthcare and [...]

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28. July, 2013

5 Free Technology Infographics Templates

Technology Infographics

We are living in technology age. We consuming more and more data every day. Smart mobile phones and tablets allows us to reach information on the move. And not surprisingly Youtube receives more than 1 billion hits a day. Pintastic.com within couple of years became one of the most popular visual content social networks on earth. This fact proves that visual content is the most powerful way to represent your data. As a matter of fact in the future data visualization will grow even more. Here is a list of 10 free Technology Infographics vector sources. Why Technology Infographics ? All technology infographics vector templates containing new age technology [...]

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