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23. March, 2016

Evolution Of Smart Watch

The smart watch is a very interesting innovation which has made its way through to the commercial market with a bang. Wearable technology has become a phenomenon so widely accepted and adored that the year 2014 was named as the “Year of the Wearable” because it saw countless innovations in this section of technology.

The evolution of smart watch

Many wonder how the usual wrist watch turn into this technology influenced product aimed towards the tech savvy. When did this happen? The process had started approximately fifteen years ago, in year 1999, when Samsung introduced the world’s first watch phone – SPH – WP10. The watch came [...]

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14. March, 2016

The Evolution Of Computer

Computers have become such an important part of our life be it a tablet, desktop computer or laptops. So much, that it’s hard to imagine time without it. Modern computers have big impact and effect on our society as a whole.

First generation of computer

First ever digital computer in our history was created in 1944. It weighed 5 tons and could only be used for calculations. This was first start of many computers that would come next, even though it had limited ability and big size. Those first computers didn’t had much resemblance to today’s versions, neither in performance or appearance.

All computers that were created from 1940 to 1956 were [...]

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11. March, 2016

Facts About Led Signage

LED signage is a way of visual communication, and for any company to convey their message, bright light that is of high quality is essential. LED signages are not all created equally. There are some big differences between various LED signage types and if you don’t know them, they could as well hurt your wallet. But let’s start with basics first. What is actually LED? It means Light Emitting Diode. So LED is actually a small light bulb, but little different from classic bulbs. They are far more efficient, with longer life span and they don’t have filament. If you don’t know what filament is, it’s lightning in bulb where light is being produced, [...]

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10. March, 2016

Fax To The Future

Fax machine has been here for much longer then you’ll probably think. And it will still be long time before it completely disappears. Ask yourself, when was the last time you faxed something? Probably never if you’re not business professional. Fax machine was invented almost 50 years ago and since then it evolved much. But nowadays, if you sent or received fax it was probably through cloud. So, faxing isn’t really dead, it just moved to the cloud. Faxing is very alive in hospitals, offices, insurance agencies, mortgage banking and other industries. So, days when you had to buy faxing machine which was expensive along with toner and paper are gone. Remember [...]

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