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14. December, 2017

5 Ways Technology Has Transformed Business

Technology is what separates humans from primates; since the first time our ancestors realized that they could make tools by banging two rocks together, our fate was sealed. And wouldn’t you know it, sometime twelve thousand years later we managed to set foot on the moon, and now the human race is working on establishing the first permanent, man-made colony on a different planet.

But technology has done much more for us than that; it brought an end to famine in most parts of the world, we’re curing diseases which were once considered incurable and of course, technology has completely transformed the way we do business with each other. Let’s focus on that last bit for a second, [...]

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22. February, 2016

How Technology Is Ruining Your Mind

We are slowly turning in a world that seem like we’re in Jetsons cartoon just a few decades before.  Lots of our innovations and technology would seem otherworldly to our ancestors. But available technology is also changing the way our brain is functioning. The brain itself adapts to any environment and technology is also threat and addiction. Lot of people experience rush of dopamine just for seeing new message, and you constantly check and check again for something new. This becomes a cycle that you don’t even realize. Technology is also destroying real human interaction as there are more and more people who are obsessed being online on Facebook chatting rather [...]

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