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21. August, 2016

How does the Social Media affect our SEO ranking?

There has been various speculation among  all SEO consultants and strategist about whether social media and SEO have been working as a couple to affect any search rank. So as to increase the online presence of a particular website. From the current happenings in the SEO world. The rumors can be confirmed as true and valid.

SEO and Social media marketing strategies are closely intertwined since they both focus on creating a favorable appeal that naturally and continuously attract visitors.  When high-quality content that is visible is posted on social media sites. All SEO efforts you make create a strong brand presence out of social media reach. Therefore, online marketers [...]

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20. August, 2016

XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 Product Review

XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 is an android 5.1 smartphone released to the market in February this year. It is a 4G phone that boasts of a 13MP main camera, 3 GB Ram, 32 GB ROM and a host of exciting features.

For those who need to take care of business away from the office, this is the perfect gadget to do so with. Armed with a snapdragon 616 64 bit Octa Core CPU, it is able to perform various tasks simultaneously without a hitch.

The XIAOMI Redmi Note 3

Elegant Design It has a new MUI 7 fast and power saving design with multiple UI for you to choose from. The UI is unique and easy to use giving you a wonderful experience. The 0.85cm thickness [...]

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2. July, 2016

New Technologies For The Older Generation

For older people, staying home can cause some health risks, but few tech gadgets and devices could make all difference, at the same time giving the members of family peace in their minds. There’s a misconception that older people are now generation that technology had forgotten. But, there’s plenty of technology designed especially for a much older generation. Going from Toyota robots that are carrying them around, hearing aids that are using the power of GPS to wireless sensors that are able to alert their closest ones if elders stop moving around the room or house. The question is, do older people really want to be accompanied by robots and other technology? [...]

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1. July, 2016

More Than A Tablet – How Businesses Use Tablet Technology

Many businesses are starting to support tablets in their workplace. Portability and screen size of tablets are providing great balance for many work related activities such as taking notes. It’s true that companies took some time to find out what is the best way of using tablets. Large number of companies are using tablets more for work than a PC. It has been years as of now that Samsung launched their Galaxy tab and Apple iPad, so there’s a big number of those devices that have reached the market for consumers. It makes sense that tablets matured since then and transformed into devices that are used frequently to work. But, truthfully tablets are better for [...]

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