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7. March, 2016

How Tech Savvy Is Your Hotel

As technology of smartphones, tablets, computers and other device forms continues to evolve and increase, I think it’s finally time for hotels to catch up for the needs of tech savvy guests. In many ways, coming to hotel in room has remained same experience for a very long time. Having TV, mini bar and movies on demand are things available in most of hotels around the world. Somehow, when it comes to advancements, hotels were left in dust. Hotels pay per view is rivaled with guests that are bringing and using eBook readers, iPhones, iPads or Netbooks. Many hotels are using technology for futuristic feel but still, its not state of the art and nothing that we [...]

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3. March, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge

For Samsung, S6 Edge was sort of a gamble. It featured unique and yet very unproven design. But in the end it paid off big time. Before S6 Edge proved itself on the market people were talking that the device will not even fulfill demands. But Samsung has now presented his successor, Galaxy S7 Edge, but is it worthy of a good improvement. When Galaxy S6 Edge came out, it was revolutionary. With display on dual sides and purpose of aesthetic looks with unique functionalities. Galaxy S7 Edge is not looking very different from S6 Edge. Because S6 was so successful they wanted to keep almost same design, only slightly refining it. Both of phones are looking very beautiful with [...]

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3. March, 2016

Mac vs PC People

Do you love sports? Or cars? Or mobile phones? Well, whatever you like you probably have some club, manufacturer or model that is your favorite. And whatever someone else says against that it’ll still be your favorite product. That same thing stays for Mac and PC. Just to explain something, Mac stands for Apple computers with Mac OS X operating system while PC stands for personal computers that have Windows operating systems installed on them. If you try to explain that Mac is better to someone who likes PC more then you’ll probably end up in a fight with that person. The war between Mac and PC fans began long time ago and it’s impossible to know where it’ll end. But what exactly are [...]

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3. March, 2016

TV Display Evolution

You watch TV, right? And what type of display do you use? LED LCD? Maybe OLED? Or you decided to go with plasma? There are different types of displays and each one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. But how did TV display develop over time? And who actually came up with the idea of TV? You can find all of that, and something more, in this article.

Ever heard about John Logie Bard? Probably not, but he is a man who started with television. We can’t say that he invented television because that device was not known as television, it was actually a mechanism that generated an image when it was rotated. But it helped with development of real television and Logie [...]

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