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7. April, 2016

What Market Research Can Do For Your Business

Market research is probably one of the best tools that you can do to further develop business and bring the maximum of potential growth and profit. Researching the market is for businesses of all sizes essential thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are expanding your business or just starting it, market research is going to help you in increasing the sales and understanding the market you’re targeting. This should be part of your business strategy. Market research is built upon 2 research types. There’s primary research and secondary. With primary research you can monitor and track how much sales are effective, along with the practice of the existing [...]

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27. January, 2016

How To Perfect Your Vine Strategy

Vine, a platform that has thousands of videos playing 6-7 seconds on loop, has taken over virtual world with over 40 million estimated users and more then 100 million unique viewings for each month.

It was founded in 2012, and it was actually Twitter’s purchase. I think this is one of most fun and exciting developments from Twitter since Instagram app. I like to call it the Instagram of video. You can share the recorded videos on other social media websites. Recording is easy, and those 6-7 seconds videos are perfect relation to GIF’s or meme’s. Users are sharing more then 8,500 videos every minute, this platform has so much potential. Vine is for sure [...]

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9. November, 2015

Enhance Your Mobile Strategy For The Holidays

Shopping over the Internet and smart phones recently is more attractive to buyers, so go in this direction – to develop your products and / or services through smartphones channels. Who today does not have a smartphone? Holidays are near, so you should already begin to develop your mobile strategy to improve the business but also the universal satisfaction of your customers, because they want to shop through their smartphones. One of the big questions heading into this holiday shopping season revolves around how much mobile commerce (m-commerce or) will contribute to overall online sales this year?

So, you should start your advertising campaign on time, offer a discount [...]

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20. March, 2015

Email marketing strategy – infographic

Do you collect emails of your users from your web page? Did you utilize the full potential of the existing database of your customers? Communicate news and special offers in your industry in a timely manner? Are you satisfied with the existing conversions through this marketing channel?

What is and how the email marketing works?

Email marketing is one of the channels of direct marketing that allows direct communication with the end customer / user and using techniques such as email newsletter. Such email messages must have a high quality and useful content that can be informative, promotional, sales, or educational type. Users who want to receive your email newsletter will [...]

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