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4. February, 2016

Ad Blocking Statistics and Trends

Ads can be very annoying, we all know that, especially on mobile devices and internet browsers. Ad blocking in web browsers is gradually growing. The use of any of the additives for ad blocking is globally increased from about 21 million users in 2009 to 198 million active users by June 2015. Ad blocking in web browsers for their devices using AdBlock Plus function was first announced Asus. Then the Samsung has joined. Ad blocking feature in Samsung’s browser-based operating system Android will arrive via OTA updates.

Obviously more “surfers” are annoyed by ads on the website especially if they are aggressive and interfere reading and finding the desired [...]

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1. October, 2015

Statistics On Following Brands On Instagram

Instagram has about 400 million users. It is not much when compared to Facebook’s 1.35 billion users, but engagement that brands have on Instagram can surpass even the mighty Facebook. In fact, anyone who uses Instagram, aware of the enormous number of likes and comments, which can not be reached on any other social network.

The unique experience of the world around users through a lens is what can made you a overnight Instagram star with thousands of followers. It is not irrelevant to note that the vast majority of users are women (64%). This fact has prompted numerous fashion and cosmetic brands that conquering these platforms. A survey conducted among blog Iconosquare [...]

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17. September, 2015

Facebook engagement statistics that every content marketer needs to know

As the Internet and social networks develop one thing is clear – Facebook is king. Crossing 1 000 000 000 000 users (yes, that’s billion). Facebook page is where we all spending time online!

“Every successful business depends on people – Facebook is a place where they spend their time online. Or you will use Facebook and succeed or not embrace it and fail. “- Sean Malarkey

If we had to say in one sentence how to increase the activity of fans on the Facebook page, we would say it this way: Publish a regular, varied and eye interesting content through different times of day for one week and then when fans leave a comment, bite and encourage [...]

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22. July, 2015

Statistics That Shows How Important Responsive Web Design Is

Lately we can hear quite often about the concept of “responsive” web design. What is it and why your website need a responsive design you will find out below. All available data indicate a significant increase in Internet traffic through mobile devices which probably should not be surprising given that only last year were globally sold nearly a billion new smartphones!

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices in our daily life, website optimization for mobile devices has never been more important. A survey conducted in the United States two years ago showed that even 61 percent of consumers will turn to the competition if the mobile experience on your web site [...]

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