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1. April, 2016

Benefits Of Implementing Time Tracking Software Into Your Business

Time tracking software is a special kind of software which has been designed to allow users record the time spent on tasks. It is a very useful software which has found utility in law, freelancing, accounting, and many other sectors. Both employers as well as employees benefit from this tool which can be used along with other software to monitor development in numerous projects and other fields like customer support.

The benefits of implementing time tracking software into a business are not limited to just monitoring the employees’ rate of doing things, it has a myriad of other advantages as well.

Accurate pricing and estimates – when given a new project, [...]
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14. January, 2016

Excel Tricks That’ll Impress Your Boss

Whilst it’s likely that many of us may know the basics around using Excel, there are some tips and tricks out there that may have passed us by.

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