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14. October, 2015

Make Social Media Measurable

Social media marketing has entered a new era. Brands are not just content with which to experiment on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, hoping for the best. With the increase in the budget for social media marketing, marketers need their social campaigns to maximize sales, achieve measurable benefits for the brand and enhance the overall customer value.

The maturation of the social media space has created the need for simple, standardized measurement techniques that clearly show whether social campaigns affect the improvement of the actual impact of the brand and the actual sales.

Any activities and campaigns on the Internet must have its (measurable) objective. If [...]

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6. October, 2015

Social media platform comparison

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts in marketing. It has the power to get you lots of improvements and increase your earnings. But, which social media platform is the best for you? Which platform will give you the most? Keep reading to find out.

Based on some studies, over 95% of marketers use social media platforms as one of the parts of their marketing but only 15% know which platform is the best for them. To fully understand everything you should first learn what social media marketing can give you:

Brand building – you have the option to increase the popularity of your brand and show it to people who use social media. That is very important [...]
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5. October, 2015

What A Good Social Relationship Management Platform Can Do For Your Brand

With the explosive growth in the popularity and use of social networks in recent years, you will  hardly find the marketing experts who will not recommend the use of this successful strategy.

Indeed, 92% marketing experts claims that in 2014, marketing through social networks was of great importance for their business, while 80% of them admitted that this was the reason for the growth of traffic to their website. (Source: Hubspot)

Social networks are not just a tool to attract new customers, but also techniques of a successful connection to the target audience, strengthen the brand and market presence and ultimately, the growth of the overall [...]

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5. October, 2015

What Your Profile Picture On Social Networks Say About You

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and those on our profiles are no exception, according to a recent survey. The vast majority of users form a strong opinion about other people after they see the main image, without further read or view any other information in the profile.

“If your profile picture corresponds to what others expect, it is very likely that they will not have the need to look further information, your profile, since they have already decided what they think about you,” said Brandon Van Der Heide, who led the study.

The only exception occurs in the profile with the picture of something unusual.

“People will [...]

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