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13. November, 2016

Big Data is influencing SEO best practices for an improvement

In today’s world, big data is socially, and logistically influencing the business environment. Fortunately, SEO is amongst business marketing areas affected by insights’ big data.

What entails big data?

As a quick overview, big data is simply the collection and analysis of vast data sets to improve approach of related problems. In decision-making scenarios over the recent years Big data has grown in popularity for several reasons:

Social media platforms are now capable of aggregating more individuals’ data. data standard has become institutional due to transparency growing in social acceptance. with Cloud facilities, Data storage has become easily accessible. More [...]
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8. February, 2016

What is Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is really effective way to find candidates that are qualified enough for the next job, it is done through the use of social media websites since most of them are free and almost everyone is using them for showcasing their brand. It’s estimated that nearly 70% of companies are using social websites or networks for recruiting. One of most efficient and easiest ways of recruiting is posting available open jobs to social media websites and researching through large number of responders to make a best list of people that seem to fit for specific work.

LinkedIn and Facebook are very strong social recruiting tools, but LinkedIn is at the very top with [...]

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5. February, 2016

2016 Social Media Checklist for Businesses

Originally created for fun and informal communication, social media largely started to be used for promotion and successful management of a large number of companies. It represent an excellent ground on which companies can create, promote and strengthen brands. As the online business develops, a number of social networks from year to year rises, more and more companies employ community managers who transfer their business and successfully run it on these platforms. Thus, social media have become an indispensable marketing and promotional tool for a successful business.

To be successful in online communities, the choice of social networks on which will be promoted products or [...]

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25. January, 2016

Social Engineering Explained

Social engineering could be interpreted as an art of manipulating. Criminals are seeking different types of information. If you are the target, criminals try to trick you to give them your credit card number, passwords of different websites you use, or even hack your computer and take control. They use this tactics because its easier to trick people to trust then to find ways to hack your password. In virtual world, you should know when and when not trust a person or take them by their word. Even when you are on telephone if you are not sure the person you’re speaking with is legitimate, you better not provide personal information or any kind of info. It’s just another [...]

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