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16. May, 2016

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

You probably wonder how to get noticed on Pinterest since you want to use it for marketing. Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to promote online business. But why you should use exactly Pinterest for promoting business? Well, the audience is sure there! If you don’t believe me read this statistics. 33% of millennials are there, 21% of men in U.S. only are on Pinterest with 55% of women aged 18 to 55. See, those people are there no matter age number, your future audience is spending good time on Pinterest. It’s a platform that’s getting hotter each day. Pinterest is for sure not just another social network. It’s growing with rapid pace. Whether [...]

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6. May, 2016

Does your Company Engage into Social Media?

For many companies, the world of social networks is very noisy place to try and succeed in building awareness of brand. Just the thought of having to engage in social media is too much for some businesses as there is just too much work that goes into targeting the right people for every social media platform. The truth is that social network engagement is one of integral party of any type of business strategy but many of us just skip this opportunity. You already probably now that social media can work in favor of your company but the real problem lies in trying to find ways to create authentic social engagement and interaction. One study has shown that only 1 out of 4 [...]

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14. April, 2016

How To Best Use Video On Each Social Network

Is your opinion that video as content for social marketing is only for those with big budgets and big brands? Think again. If you still didn’t explore videos for your business you are missing big opportunity to reach more conversion. Adding videos to your social media platform mix is great idea to increase engagement and boost your awareness. Social networks are providing people with many options. Be it from Facebook, Vines, Instagram or any other social platform, video is becoming key part of marketing strategy for every business. You may think only about YouTube, when someone mentions you video, but it’s not the only platform that is embracing content of videos. [...]

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24. March, 2016

10 Ways To Look Smarter On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is social media platform that can’t be ignored, with over 400 million users, it offers great opportunity for people to connect with business owners. Recruiters are always finding potential workers who are well accurate and have an impressive application. This is where LinkedIn steps up. Before you start with everything it’s a good idea to create something where you write all your attributes and skills from your CV, and then you can highlight ones that you wish to stand out for recruiters when they come to your LinkedIn profile. This is good idea because you then have sort of a blueprint and you can see what gaps are still there and think of filling them. [...]

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