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6. July, 2016

Amazing Tumblr Themes for Download

You surely have already heard of Tumblr, but if you are not sure how it works and why to use it, this article is for you. You will find out what is Tumblr, who use it most, when and how it arose and of course – how much it pays to use Tumblr for marketing?

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is microblogging service which was launched in early 2007 by David Karp and Marco Arment who left the company in 2010 to focus on the development of Instapaper. Three years after, precisely 2013. Yahoo! has allocated substantial figure of 1.1 billion dollars for the social network.

It is not wrong because Tumblr today among other counts 246.6 million blogs, 99 billion posts and 420 million [...]

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4. July, 2016

Social Media For Social Good

It’s really amazing to see how technology is evolving over the years. Just think about it for a moment. 15 years ago, there was no YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. But today, more than 300 million people are signing into Facebook on a daily basis, YouTube has more than 2 billion videos watched every single day and Twitter has more than 50 million unique tweets per day, for sure that is mind blowing stuff. All of this is a great sign for the nonprofit part of the world. Why, you may ask? That is because that type of sector is built upon human relationships, passion, desire and connecting, so we can create and bring about positive changes around the world. All of this tech [...]

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15. June, 2016

Smaller Social Media Apps Poised To Break Out In 2016

The landscape of mobile marketing and mobile apps are evolving rapidly. Even though we have social media giants like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, that are being used by millions of users every day, now is the time when many brands and businesses have the opportunity to publish their interactive, smaller and fun social media apps to marketing community world. It looks like each day there are upcoming and new apps popping out to satisfy the every growing needs of connected users. Interest for messaging apps and social media is constantly increasing which means that people are searching for more conversation and interaction happening in real time. For example only in Canada, [...]

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19. May, 2016

The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2016

Social networks are not going away for a long time, and it’s up to businesses to use this, board the train and take all the advantage platforms can give. There is no other tool that can build relationship between other companies and businesses with such speed and ease. No other channels can generate that kind of exposure for your company and at the same time develop loyalty for brand, and all this without spending any kind of money. This year, it’s predicted that social media will generate even more leads then last year, for over half of all companies while continuously breaking down barriers between those who connect with, but only if you let it. If you want to [...]

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