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23. August, 2017

6 Things You Should Never Post on Social Networks When Job Hunting

Social networks are one of the factors many do not consider when job hunting. Often employers will Google your name or will simply search for your social media presents. It is completely legal and many companies will do it in order to find out more about the type of person they are interested to hire. For some individuals this might go unnoticed, however for others this might cost them the job of their life.

This article will touch few things which you should never post on the social media networks. This post might save you a lot of trouble in the feature. If it is too late already and you already have few embarrassing moments on the social networks, simply edit your profile [...]

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22. April, 2015

Stay Safe on Facebook – infographic

Facebook is our everyday life and is responsible for the fact that numerous people entered the vast expanses of the Internet through it. Regardless of whether you use Facebook for personal, educational or commercial purposes, it is very important that you keep in mind these few tips to avoid the fate of people who are with¬†carelessness in the virtual space completely destroyed their “real” lives. So let’s start:

Never assume that your online chat is private

Unlike our memories that are often full of holes, false data and interpretation, computers have a perfect memory. Everything that you once wrote on the Internet there generally remains forever, and [...]

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8. June, 2014

Infographic of Latest Social Media Facts and Statistics 2014

Demand for Social Media statistics is really high. Each year popular online newspapers, magazines and blogs are publishing hundreds of infographics about social media. Most of these social media infographics contains numbers and statistics.We looked around the web and collected latest statistics from various online blogs, magazines and newspapers. Each publication is quoted and quotation source is shown at the end of the quote:

10 Useful Social Networking Statistics for 2014

Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%) among Internet users.

Women are four times more likely to be Pinterest users than men.

Facebook is ageing. 45% of Internet users [...]

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22. January, 2014

Pinterest Infographic 2014 – iPad Is The Top Pinning Device

Pinterest Infographic 2014

Social Network “Pinterest” Infographic reveals new facts and numbers for coming 2014. Mobile smartphones and tablet sales are leading current market. Consumers loves to browse internet via mobile phones and tablets. Not surprisingly, Pinterest infographic confirms – iPad is the top pinning device. Nearly half of the Pinterest account holders share and pin their posts via tablet device. As we can see from 2014 Pinterest infographic, 83,9% of time is spent on pinning and only 0,6% on commenting. Pinterest is incredibly usefull for your e-commerce. 69% of consumers have found an item they have purchased or wanted to purchase on Pinterest. As [...]

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