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7. November, 2013

Social Media Infographic : How Your Fans Engage With Your Social Media?

Social Media Infographic – 7 Types of Your Social Media Followers

Social media are popular among Internet users. Facebook has over 1 billion members and Youtube receives more than 1 billion unique visitors. The figures are for you to spin. But not all users are available online for the same reasons. Each has its own motivation. This social media infographic is about different types of online fans and how to communicate with them

The Quiet Follower

A social media user who is not a customer of your company. He or she follows your brand, for example, Facebook or Twitter to stay informed – “tuned”. They don’t say or [...]

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3. November, 2013

Infographic – 10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Updates

You are active on various social networks, but but keep failing? There is little interaction and you get little response to a question you ask? Perhaps this infographic can help you. Here is 10 tips to improve your social media posts.

The following infographic was developed by Short Stack and The Social Skinny . In the visualization they give ten tips to improve your tweets , Facebook updates and other messages so your followers will respond more often.

1. Interesting Facts Post messages with interesting facts for your followers. Anticipate their needs . What they appreciate? What they find interesting to read ? Write about an article or blog post and refer to this in [...]

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