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18. April, 2015

Different Types of Social Media Users

You know that your business needs a fan page on Facebook and you want to as many people click “Like”. However, some fans should rejoice a little more than others. We bring you few types of users on social networks which you should aspire. From early adopters to eternal haters, all of them by clicking “like” on the page of your brand helps on some way. Also we attached infographic with more types of social media users which you can check below.

Early adopter Why do you need such follower? They are familiar with all the new information, just as a sponges for news. They’re easy to recognize by the high level of knowledge about the development of [...]

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11. April, 2015

The Secrets of ideal post on the Internet

Maybe it used to be enough to publish text, video or photo on the Internet to get you noticed by more people, but nowadays things are extremely complex, and this infographic reveals some very interesting guidelines …

Authors of infographis have played a bit and turned the Internet into a zoo, but in this story it’s actually the least important. Although this is the unwritten rules, that will not necessarily bring you popularity to one of the social networks, your personal or corporate website, YouTube channel or elsewhere on the Internet, it is certainly for those who live “on the internet and from him “for those is more than appropriate to look at this [...]

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31. March, 2015

How To Get More Shares On Your Blog – Infographic

Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or FourSquare’s today have become so significant that they are an essential part of the presentation and communication companies on the Internet. Today users search terms across social networks, not only on search engines like Google or Yahoo. You need to start imagining social netvorks as a virtual world where all internet users spend their time. If you want to find them somewhere, it will be easier to do right there.

About the rapid development of social networks and their impact testify regularly ranked high results on search engines from Facebook, Twitter, and almost 100 percent video results that come from [...]

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12. December, 2013

Most Popular Facebook Pages and Twitter Users 2014 – Infographic

Most Popular Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter are two biggest social networks on the planet. While Twitter is build around the “tweeting” (posting) of short only 140 character messages (“tweets”),Facebook is a multi-purpose social networking, allowing users to play games, chat, post photos and notes. We are using these social networks every day, to communicate with our family or friends and we are following interesting people all over the world. Inspired by latest InsideFacebook Top 25 Facebook pages overview and Top 100 Twitter Accounts statistics by Twitter Counter, we have build social media infographic. Likes and Followers number [...]

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