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29. October, 2016

Smartphones Reviews Best Recommended 2016

We have gathered some smartphones reviews over the past months which made a lot of noise. The smartphone industry is projected to expand by 10 percent in 2016 with more than 15 billion already sold, yet one and only of those deals is vital to you. We help you select your new smartphone, out of the best phones available in 2016.

The smartphones reviews selection criterion is based ease of use, quality, and design, value, features, and performance. The majority of phones available run on the latest Marshmallow Android version operating system plus the iOS 10.01 already rolled out with the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (One of the best smartphone reviews of the [...]
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22. June, 2015

Why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook

Did it happened you to post status (promotional for business or private), and you got likes only from few people, and even less comments, but actually the discussion was the target. Here are 3 key tips that will help you to get more likes and comments:

Write the status when your friends are online. It makes no sense to write in the morning if most of your friends are on Facebookin the afternoon, because by then your status will not even appear on the cover. If you’re not sure when to post status, you can always check when are most of your friends are online on facebook. Write often, but not too often. If you have 5 statuses every day do not expect that all your statuses [...]
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14. May, 2015

Today’s Teens Are Evolving Along With Technology

Being a teen today and 20 years ago is radically different experience. A lot has changed. The advance of technology has brought a variety of opportunities, but also significantly changed the ways in which teens communicate, spend their leisure time … In TeenSafe, they prepared a nice infographic. It was based on data collected in the United States, but we believe that it can be to a large extent applied to every state.

Thus, for example, teens 20 years ago, spent two hours in front of the TV. Ten years later that number had risen to six hours using the media, but today is seven and a half hours every day. In the mid nineties the popular device was a portable CD player, [...]

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9. May, 2015

Tips for Improving Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

Any changes of the Facebook algorithm and the rules is the new stress for most users especially for those engaged in marketing on social networks. Most recent change has led to a steep drop in organic reach on Facebook pages.

For those who do not know, it’s about that unpaid reach which is seen by people who “liked” you. Now is that organic reach down to 2%, which means that as a rule, if you have 10,000 fans on Facebook your publishing in most cases will be “barely” seen by 200 people. It is simple, Facebook reduced organic reach to increase and encourage you to pay advertising.

The difference between organic and paid reach can be best [...]

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