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26. May, 2016

Why is Facebook Topic Data Big News for Business

Not long ago, Facebook announced release of topic data. But what is that? Topic data is somehow a new way for brands to better understand their visitors and audiences through daily activity on Facebook. With Facebook topic data you can tap in and analyse what almost 1.40 billion people are chatting on that platform. It’s logical that marketers or business owners are interested in understanding and learning what users are thinking about topics that are related to them. This gives them more insight to know type of products they can make. Usually in not so distant past marketers had to look what was shared online to have an idea what is it that people care about having. [...]

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26. May, 2016

Why Your Business Needs To Be On Snapchat

In a digital world of social media and smartphones it’s really hard for marketing teams or owners of business to keep up and follow all the latest trends because they are practically changing each day. There’s one platform that if you own business you simply can’t ignore no more. It has over 100 million users. Only this number should suggest you that you can’t dismiss using Snapchat and think of it as not being for your business. Know that I’m not saying you should use it as your main app of focus but you should definitely play with it and you will start to build wider audience. So why can Snapchat benefit your business and how? I suppose you are [...]

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11. May, 2016

The Art of Turning Instagram Likes Into Sales

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, with high rate of engagement that just keeps growing all the time. It’s fantastic for brands and can be used in a way to connect with your customers and market your business. Of course, this social network is not for every company but still, if it’s done with the right approach it can drive you sales on a regular basis. If you have profile on Instagram with growing potential that has some engagement you can translate those follows, comments and likes into sales. It’s important to have some kind of strategy but you can also share many posts with spontaneous reaction based on what’s [...]

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8. March, 2016

How To Do Social Media Market Research

If you are a person in business, you have to make a good research before making any kind of decisions. With business changing, customers behavior is also changing and so are expectations from you. Social medias are very important and valuable tool when it comes to business, but with so many people online, how can you know in a first where to target your marketing? Ask yourself what type of social media websites they use or in what groups they belong. Maybe they have similar hobbies or interests? Think about how you need to convey message and connect with people. The key is to carefully research and target your audience and make a good online presence with sending messages, [...]

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