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12. February, 2014

Infographic Template for Your Next Infographic – TOP 5

Infographic template for any type of business,product or website.Top infographic templates for Powerpoint and Adobe AE.Professionally designed infographic templates.
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11. January, 2014

Infographic Video Design – 10 Awesome Design Templates

Recently, we have published new article about infographic video design templates. We would recommend you to read it.

Infographic video currently is one of the most popular web marketing topics. Infographic design agencies number is growing like never before. We provide simple and cost-efficient solutions for anyone who is looking for infographic video for their business, website, service or products. Here is the list of awesome, trending and fresh design infographic video templates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you need help customizing these templates.

Funky Design Template – Motion Shapes Infographic

Enthusiastic design and very [...]

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7. November, 2013

Social Media Infographic : How Your Fans Engage With Your Social Media?

Social Media Infographic – 7 Types of Your Social Media Followers

Social media are popular among Internet users. Facebook has over 1 billion members and Youtube receives more than 1 billion unique visitors. The figures are for you to spin. But not all users are available online for the same reasons. Each has its own motivation. This social media infographic is about different types of online fans and how to communicate with them

The Quiet Follower

A social media user who is not a customer of your company. He or she follows your brand, for example, Facebook or Twitter to stay informed – “tuned”. They don’t say or [...]

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