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18. March, 2015

The Best Smartphones Under $150 in 2015

Smartphone manufacturers today offer several features to choose from, for around $150 and less, including screen readability for users with impaired vision, and radio. The best smartphones under $150 for 2015 include a camera of at least 5 megapixel, at lease 2 CPU cores, average battery and more than 1GB RAM.


Cubot X9 is a simple, reliable and interactive Smartphone that has a lot to offer to an average user. Octa- core processor makes it strong, big screen makes it synoptical, cameras help you capture every important moment of your life in high resolution (not to mention extra beauty face function), and all that in a charming little black or golden [...]

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18. April, 2014

India is world’s fastest growing smartphone market – Infographic

Jana, the Boston-based internet marketing and market intelligence company,recently created an infographic on India’s smartphone market in 2014. It’s relatively simple as far as these types of infographic go, but it’s definitely interesting, because it underscores a few quick and worth to mention points. Smartphones in India are incredibly cheap (compared to USA or EU prices). Tons of Indian smartphone buyers (92 percent) will be buying a device for the first time this year. India, like many other developing economies, is Android country. See more facts and statistics and check out the full infographic below:


Infographic templates optimized for [...]

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8. April, 2014

Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook – Apple Infographic

Steve Jobs was brilliant and one of the best entrepreneurs world ever seen. His work and creativity inspired millions around the world. Steve Jobs started Apple empire, which dominates smartphones, tablets and laptops markets till today. He was great CEO and leader of Apple company. Tim Cook, by many accounts, is very different CEO; even keeled, methodical and quietly persuasive. Jobs was brilliant, and so is Cook, but each has shaped Apple company in a unique way. Looking at factors including controversies, dividends and product development , Ohio University’s online MBA program has created an infographic that illustrates Apple’s brand perception and performance under [...]

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16. March, 2014

Selfie Infographic – “Selfiegraphic” Facts and Statistics

Selfies are headlines and front-page news. President Barack Obama caught hell for taking selfies with world leaders at Mandela’s funeral ceremony. Kim Kardashian takes them of her butt and new bikinis.Justin Bieber made whole selfie music videoclip.And as you already know “Oscar selfie” produced by Ellen DeGeneres became most famous selfie of all time, braking retweets record and crashing Twitter.A selfie picture made with Samsung smartphone at Academy Awards made next day headlines. Samsung promised to give $1 to charity for each retweet most famous selfie will receive.. Selfies are everywhere. Currently it’s one of the most popular pictures type around the [...]

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